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Brazilian Zouk & Lambada Timing Codes

Nov 22, 5:00 pm PST

Nov 22, 8:00 pm EST


Led by: Devon Near-Hill


Dancers, have you ever been frustrated while attempting to enter boneca on Brazilian Zouk timing?

Have you felt overwhelmed trying to understand the difference between dancing “on the quick” vs. “on the slow”?

Quit getting lost on the floor, your roadmap has arrived!

Gain the skills to transpose iconic lambada movements onto “Brazilian Zouk Timing” and vice versa.

Understand which of the four possible timings (yes there are at least four ;) ) accentuate different musical elements.

Demystify the process of switching between timings!

Join me live Tuesdays Nov 22, 29, and December 6, 13!

We will dance and philosophize 5-6:30pm PDT, 6-7:30pm MT

Class 1: Counting, order, and context.

Class 2: Dancing on 1 and 3 with the basics.

Class 3: Dancing on 5 and 7. Using the "quicks" to switch.

Class 4: Using the slows to switch. Musicality within timings.

Tuesdays Nov 22, 29, and December 6, 13!

Includes 6 hrs of instruction, charts, graphs, homework opportunities for individual feedback, online 20 minute private lesson, and 6 months of access to the material.

Price: $80

Taught by Devon


If you are registered, you can access the course link, info, videos, and materials in the my profile section of the website.


Timing Codes 1-1
Timing Codes 1-2
Choreo 1

We're starting a choreo!

Song: Bixinho (Lux & Tróia Remix)

Practice Materials

Timing Codes 2