Impulse Alchemy Training for Followers

Online | Led by Devon Near-Hill


Love social dance but often feel forced into movements with no way out?

Do you find it difficult to maintain connection to your needs during a dance, setting physical & emotional boundaries?

Do you dance multiple styles and want to know how to change your frame dance to dance?

By the end of 3 months together, you'll be able to artfully navigate the complexity of dance floor relationships!

You are your best partner, captain of this meat-body-ship and your most important leader!

You Will

-Increase the range of partners and styles you can follow.

-Feel comfortable adapting, transforming, and redirecting input from leaders.

-Identify your baseline patterns of tension and recognize where your partners fall on the tone/pressure spectrum.

-Enjoy enough zouk solo combinations to satiate your technique cravings.

Each week we will alternate between theory/ journaling, and movement.

During these 12 weeks together, you'll receive:

-15+ hrs of live material (available as recordings)

-2 personal ONE on ONE 45 min sessions throughout the duration of the course (2 private lessons) for detailed coaching, or guidance moving forward

-Digital charts and graphs to keep

-Weekly homework exercises for social dancing

-2 hour-long group Office Hour Sessions to get feedback and clarify

-Community access- a place off social media for questions and reflections

Class will flow through these 6 modules:


Embody different combinations of pressure and tone and understand which ones are uniquely useful.

BOUNDARIES (Physical and Otherwise)

A continuation on the Free Webinar. Get comfortable establishing 3-dimensional frame boundaries and explore other ways to maintain your autonomy in movement relationship.


Gain more vocabulary so you can identify different kinds of frames and how to effectively alchemize impulse from them.


Learn how to give your partner more or less physical power depending on the frame you choose.


Review your current relationship to your intentions. Learn how micro and macro intentions can make or break a dance.


Discover how changing the quality of your movement can support your micro and macro intentions.


Dec 2- Feb 17

We will meet every Thursday 5:30pm PST

Classes will switch between 1 hr and 1.5 hrs alternating weekly.


Q: Do I have to identify as a woman or a follow?

A: While this course will specifically focus on the follower's experience, all genders and roles are welcome to attend. Much of the material is universal to both roles.

Q: Do I need a certain amount of dance experience to take this course?

A: No, this curriculum will be useful no matter your level. Keep in mind, if you have less social dance experience, some of the concepts may not make sense right away, but will lay the foundations for a healthy connection to self and others in partner dance.

Q: Is this only for zouk dancers?

A: This is great for follows of any dance genre who want to learn how to maintain their autonomy in social dance or get specific about frame. The container we will be using to apply the concepts however is brazilian zouk.

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Maximum Class Size:

30 Movers

Full Tuition: $350

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