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Head Movement Devonstructed - Dallas-Fort Worth (July 31-Aug 1)


“What would you like to work on?” We often ask in private lessons.

A lot of the time, it would be: “head movement”

Understandably so, as head movement is one of the most visually striking elements that differentiates Brazilian Zouk from other Latin dances. Head movement seems to be that one thing that everyone wants to extract and insert into their dances. It feels as if Brazilian Zouk without head movement… is not Zouk. This disconnect presents a conundrum for us; not only does it take quite a bit of experience to appreciate the universe behind Upright Zouk, it is a prerequisite for Tilted Zouk. Dancers without this understanding often miss the fundamental prerequisites that occur everywhere but the head - which often holds the solution to many common head movement issues.

Often, when we learn patterns that involve head movement, technique goes out the window. We often can only hold one piece of information at a time to integrate. Head Movement Devonstructed is shining the spotlight on that 90% of the work in learning ‘head movement’. From the feet to the torso, we break down all the necessary understanding and provide opportunities for integration. This applies equally to leads as it does to follows, as leading head movement often requires the lead to mirror almost exactly what the follows do. Yes, Chad, this class is relevant to you.

Our movements are intricately interwoven with our mental/emotional state. After a year and half of the collective trauma we’ve experienced, we need to take extra care in gently easing into Brazilian Zouk. We’re curating curriculum from Deconstructing Zouk and Efficient Follow into a 6 hour, progressive retreat-weekender focused on safe, efficient, and comfortable head movement. We will drill, defrost, and deconstruct on Saturday. Sunday we will remix these variables; the ‘reconstructing’ of head movement, from the bottom up.

After our weekender, you should be able to watch a head movement pattern, start to deconstruct the variables used within it, make it comfortable, and.. with lots of practice, integrate and remix it.


Initiation and Weight

From where does head movement initiate? Is it from the torso? The hips? The knees? The feet? One does not simply fall onto one’s foot, young Zoukini. Taking the time to understand andintegrate the different parts of a step can drastically up level your dance making your basics look and feel rich and complex. Then, and only then, do you sprinkle the sauce of head movement on top. Learn how the weight transfer


The degree to which you sequence your movements, both as a lead and partner, determine the amount of weight your partner feels from you and aesthetically, how ‘flowy’ you look. While this concept exists in Upright Zouk, it is imperative to head movement. It is especially useful when adapting to different partners with different styles.

Quality of Touch

Using the golden rule - do unto others as they would have them do to you - we will explore different elements of touch on our own bodies. We will learn to differentiate tension from pressure, how they apply in social dance, and how they apply in particular to head movement sequences. The way you touch is paramount to the kind of dance experiences you give Learn what kind of tension is optimal for connecting and the ways in which we can block communication flow. We will then apply these concepts to the head movement patterns we discovered in the first so that you walk away with the tools to lead and follow head movement with increased awareness and flow!

Head Movement

After we address the frame and footwork prerequisites, we will work on drills that foster healthy and comfortable spinal movements. The basis for this section will be the four main head movement positions as detailed in the Efficient Follow curriculum. Then, without the head, we will work with strict definitions of rotation, revolution, and orbit in order to deconstruct and later, reconstruct head movement sequences. You will see how head movements can be broken down into an equation, and remixed to create your own variations. We don’t just want to teach you flashy sequences, we want to enable you to be able to recreate you own in a safe, compassionate way.

Pattern Evolution

Lambada is the grandmother of Brazilian Zouk, as such, there are many patterns that evolved. We will chronologically guide you through a few patterns from Lambada and showcasing how they evolved into the Brazilian Zouk we love today. Not only will historical context inform your jeito (style) it also gives dancers a base from which to create variations.




Friday, July 30

Tour of Downtown Fort Worth

Saturday, July 31

Class 1-4 PM

Day Practica/Unwind: 4-5 PM

Social (Penthouse) Social 9PM-2AM

Sunday, Aug 1

Class 1-4 PM

Social (Outdoors) @ Water Gardens 6-9PM

📍LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX

Club House @

769 Samuels Ave

Fort Worth TX 76102

🦠COVID Protocols:

In balancing inclusiveness and safety (in particular with the new, more contagious Delta variant) for a community that we love, we have elected to require negative covid-test within 48 hours, or proof of full vaccination (2 week after second dose). No refunds if you do not adhere to our policy. Full refund within 2 weeks, if you test positive or feel sick.

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Dj Soulglow


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One-Day (Sat) Passes to be released Wed - $75 if we don't reach capacity. 

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