When I began to learn Go (or golang), I loved it. The integrated tooling for importing directly from version control systems is exceptional useful. It allows projects to be connected in an elegant manner.

With so many brillant people contributing to the Go ecosystem, there is a lot of “reinventing the wheel” happening. Due to the way Go does imports, a central clearing house like Maven or NPM is simply not needed. However, what is needed is a way to find the packages you need to import, and that is why GS, the Go Search, was created.

A search engine specifically designed for Go can help in the following ways:


This is an open source project hosted on Github.

GS mainly aims at searching function other than hosting the documents. So, the links to the GoDoc or that package and the original project are provided on the view page in a very convenient place.

If you find a bug, have a new idea or any other suggestion, please submit an issue.

While creating GS, several supporting projects were created and are published. Feel free to use them!


GS imports (or forks) the following projects:

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