Package gologger is a compatibility layer between go-logging library and luci-go/common/logging.

Use it if you want to log to files or console.

Default usage (logging to stderr):

import (


ctx := context.Background()
ctx = gologger.StdConfig.Use(ctx)
logging.Infof(ctx, "Hello %s", "world")

If you want more control over where log goes or how it looks, instantiate custom LoggerConfig struct:

logCfg := gologger.LoggerConfig{Out: logFileWriter}
ctx = logCfg.Use(ctx)

If you know what you are doing you even can prepare go-logging.Logger instance yourself and plug it in into luci-go/common/logging:

logCfg := gologger.LoggerConfig{Logger: goLoggingLogger}
ctx = logCfg.Use(ctx)

Note that you almost never want to change logging level of the go-logging logger (that's why LoggerConfig doesn't expose it), use logging.SetLevel instead to do filtering before messages hit go-logging logger.

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