Package prpc (provisional RPC) implements an RPC client over HTTP 1.x.

Like gRPC:

- services are defined in .proto files
- service implementation does not depend on pRPC.

Unlike gRPC:

- supports HTTP 1.x and AppEngine 1.x.
- does not support streams.


For pRPC server implementation see

Compile service definitions

Use cproto tool to compile .proto files to .go files with gRPC and pRPC support. It runs protoc and does some additional postprocessing.

//go:generate cproto

Install cproto:

go install


This section describes the pRPC protocol. It is based on HTTP 1.x and employs gRPC codes.

A pRPC server MUST handle HTTP POST requests at `/prpc/{service}/{method}`, decode an input message from an HTTP request, call the service method implementation and encode the returned output message or error to the HTTP response.

pRPC protocol defines three protocol buffer encodings and media types.

- Binary: "application/prpc; encoding=binary"
- JSON:   "application/prpc; encoding=json"   or "application/json"
  A response body MUST have `)]}'` prefix to avoid CSRF.
- Text:   "application/prpc; encoding=text"

A pRPC server MUST support Binary and SHOULD support JSON and Text.

Request headers:

- "X-Prpc-Timeout": specifies request timeout.
  A client MAY specify it.
  If a service hits the timeout, a server MUST respond with HTTP 503 and
  DeadlineExceed gRPC code.
  Value format: `\d+[HMSmun]` (regular expression), where
   - H - hour
   - M - minute
   - S - second
   - m - millisecond
   - u - microsecond
   - n - nanosecond
- "Content-Type": specifies input message encoding in the body.
  A client SHOULD specify it.
  If not present, a server MUST treat the input message as Binary.
- "Accept": specifies the output message encoding for the response.
  A client MAY specify it, a server MUST support it.
- Any other headers MUST be added to metadata.MD in the context that is
  passed to the service method implementation.
  - If a header name has "-Bin" suffix, the server must treat it as
    base64-encoded and trim the suffix.

Response headers:

- "X-Prpc-Grpc-Code": specifies the gRPC code.
  A server MUST specify it in all cases.
  - If it is present, the client MUST ignore the HTTP status code.
    - If OK, the client MUST return the output message
      decoded from the body.
    - Otherwise, the client MUST return a gRPC error with the
      code and message read from the response body.
  - If not present, the client MUST return a non-gRPC error
    with message read from the response body.
    A client MAY read a portion of the response body.
- "Content-Type": specifies the output message encoding.
  A server SHOULD specify it.
  If not specified, a client MUST treat it is as Binary.
- Any metadata returned by a service method implementation MUST go into
  http headers, unless metadata key starts with "X-Prpc-".

A server MUST always specify "X-Prpc-Grpc-Code". The server SHOULD specify HTTP status corresponding to the gRPC code.

If a service/method is not found, the server MUST respond with Unimplemented gRPC code and SHOULD specify HTTP 501 status.

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