# Arriba! - A Slack bot for asynchronous stand-ups

Arriba! (Up! in Spanish) keeps track of your
[stand-up]( messages in
[Slack]( Here's an example:

![Stand-up example with Arriba](img/screenshot.png)

## Using Arriba

### 1. Get a Slack bot token

Go to `https://<yourteam>`

![New bot](img/newbot.png)

Click on *Add Bot Integration*

![Bot token](img/bottoken.png)

The bot token is `xoxb-12803307735-NIlz3RAH1kBf0ir47oYhGejr` in the example above.

### 2. Run Arriba

You have two options

1. Compile it yourself (you will need an installation of [Go](

go get
arriba xoxb-12803307735-NIlz3RAH1kBf0ir47oYhGejr

2. Use Docker:

docker run 2opremio/arriba xoxb-12803307735-NIlz3RAH1kBf0ir47oYhGejr


### 3. Talk to him!

Arriba should now be connected to your Slack team. Just invite him to the Slack channel(s) where you want to carry out standups and talk to him as in the example above.

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