# matterircd

Minimal IRC server which integrates with [mattermost](  
Tested on Windows / Linux

Most of the work happens in [mm-go-irckit]( (based on

# Docker
Run the irc server on port 6667. You'll need to specify -bind otherwise it only listens on in the container.

docker run -p 6667:6667 42wim/matterircd:latest -bind

Now you can connect with your IRC client to port 6667 on your docker host.

# Compatibility
* Matterircd v0.10.2 works with mattermost 3.3.0 and higher [3.3.0 release](
* Matterircd v0.9.1 works with mattermost 3.0.0 - 3.2.0 [3.2.0 release](
* Matterircd v0.5 works with mattermost 1.4.0 until [2.2.0 release](
* Matterircd v0.2 works only on mattermost < 1.4.0

Master branch of matterircd should always work against latest STABLE mattermost release.  
If you want to run matterircd with mattermost DEV builds, use the develop branch of matterircd.

# Features

* support direct messages / private channels
* auto-join/leave to same channels as on mattermost
* reconnects with backoff on mattermost restarts
* support multiple users
* support channel backlog (messages when you're disconnected from IRC/mattermost)
* search messages (/msg mattermost search query)
* scrollback support (/msg mattermost scrollback #channel limit)
* restrict to specified mattermost instances
* set default team/server
* support TLS (ssl)
* support LDAP logins (mattermost enterprise) (use your ldap account/pass to login)
* &users channel that contains members of all teams (if mattermost is so configured) for easy messaging
* supports mattermost roles (shows admins with @ status for now)
* gitlab auth hack by using mmtoken cookie (see

# Binaries

You can find the binaries [here](
* For use with mattermost 3.3.0 [v0.10.2](
* For use with mattermost 3.0.0-3.2.0 [v0.9.1](
* For use with mattermost 1.4.0-2.2.0 [v0.5](
* For use with mattermost <1.4.0 [v0.2](

# Building

Go 1.6+ is required 
Make sure you have [Go]( properly installed, including setting up your [GOPATH] (

go get

You should now have matterircd binary in the bin directory:

$ ls bin/

# Usage

Usage of ./matterircd:
  -bind string
        interface:port to bind to. (default "")
        enable debug logging
  -interface string
        interface to bind to (deprecated: use -bind)
        use http connection to mattermost
  -mmserver string
        specify default mattermost server/instance
  -mmteam string
        specify default mattermost team
  -port int
        Port to bind to (deprecated: use -bind)
  -restrict string
        only allow connection to specified mattermost server/instances. Space delimited
  -tlsbind string
        interface:port to bind to. (e.g
  -tlsdir string
        directory to look for key.pem and cert.pem. (default ".")
        show version

Matterircd will listen by default on localhost port 6667.
Connect with your favorite irc-client to localhost:6667

For TLS support you'll need to generate certificates.   
You can use this program [generate_cert.go]( to generate key.pem and cert.pem

## Mattermost user commands


/msg mattermost login <server> <team> <username/email> <password>

Or if it is set up to only allow one host:

/msg mattermost login <username/email> <password>

/msg mattermost search query

/msg mattermost scrollback <channel> <limit>
e.g. /msg mattermost scrollback #bugs 100 shows the last 100 messages of #bugs

## Docker

A docker image for easily setting up and running matterircd on a server is available at [docker hub](

## Examples

1. Login to your favorite mattermost service by sending a message to the mattermost user

2. You'll be auto-joined to all the channels you're a member of

3. Chat away

Also works with windows ;-)

If you use chrome, you can easily test with [circ](

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