# About

Distributed cache written in Golang.

# Requirements

* MySql is used as DB, install it or change main.go->readFromDb func for your own db

* Please, "go get". It's required for sql connections, or you can change
main.go to use your favorite sql driver

* Project is build and tested on Debian 7 amd64 / go1.3.2

* Please check Tools for sample client or db initializer application

# Setup

* go install

* Init DB - you can use db_init.go tool from Tools. Pass connection string using -cs "login:pass@tcp(host:port)/database e.g. "arukim:1234@tcp( This tool will create table "cache" with 10k elements with size 10..50kb.

* go install

* Run server instances, e.g. "/bin/overmind -tcp 8000 -udp 8000 -cs "arukim:1234@tcp("

* go build sample client from Tools - test_client.go

* create config file "om_conf.json", write all server instances to Nodes. Select client host addr. Set "CheckLimit" - this value should be not less than doubled average ping between client and server.

* now run test_client.go

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