# TextQL

Allows you to easily execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV.

Example session:

## Key differences between textql and sqlite importing

- sqlite import will not accept stdin, breaking unix pipes. textql will happily do so.
- textql supports quote escaped delimiters, sqlite does not.

## Is it any good?


## Requirements

- Go

## Install

You may need to `export CC=clang` on OS X.

go get -u

## Usage

  -console=false: After all commands are run, open sqlite3 console with this data
  -dlm=",": Delimiter between fields -dlm=tab for tab, -dlm=0x## to specify a character code in hex
  -header=false: Treat file as having the first row as a header row
  -save-to="": If set, sqlite3 db is left on disk at this path
  -source="stdin": Source file to load, or defaults to stdin
  -sql="": SQL Command(s) to run on the data
  -table-name="tbl": Override the default table name (tbl)
  -verbose=false: Enable verbose logging

## License

New MIT License - Copyright (c) 2014, Paul Bergeron

See LICENSE for details

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