# Papertrail Hook for Logrus <img src="" width="40" height="40" alt=":walrus:" class="emoji" title=":walrus:" />

[Papertrail]( provides hosted log management. Once stored in Papertrail, you can [group]( your logs on various dimensions, [search]( them, and trigger [alerts](

In most deployments, you'll want to send logs to Papertrail via their [remote_syslog]( daemon, which requires no application-specific configuration. This hook is intended for relatively low-volume logging, likely in managed cloud hosting deployments where installing `remote_syslog` is not possible.

## Usage

You can find your Papertrail UDP port on your [Papertrail account page]( Substitute it below for `YOUR_PAPERTRAIL_UDP_PORT`.

For `YOUR_APP_NAME`, substitute a short string that will readily identify your application or service in the logs.

import (

func main() {
  log       := logrus.New()
  hook, err := logrus_papertrail.NewPapertrailHook("", YOUR_PAPERTRAIL_UDP_PORT, YOUR_APP_NAME)

  if err == nil {

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