Package etwlogs provides a log driver for forwarding container logs as ETW events.(ETW stands for Event Tracing for Windows) A client can then create an ETW listener to listen for events that are sent by the ETW provider that we register, using the provider's GUID "a3693192-9ed6-46d2-a981-f8226c8363bd". Here is an example of how to do this using the logman utility: 1. logman start -ets DockerContainerLogs -p {a3693192-9ed6-46d2-a981-f8226c8363bd} 0 0 -o trace.etl 2. Run container(s) and generate log messages 3. logman stop -ets DockerContainerLogs 4. You can then convert the etl log file to XML using: tracerpt -y trace.etl

Each container log message generates a ETW event that also contains: the container name and ID, the timestamp, and the stream type.

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