Package plugins provides structures and helper functions to manage Docker plugins.

Docker discovers plugins by looking for them in the plugin directory whenever a user or container tries to use one by name. UNIX domain socket files must be located under /run/docker/plugins, whereas spec files can be located either under /etc/docker/plugins or /usr/lib/docker/plugins. This is handled by the Registry interface, which lets you list all plugins or get a plugin by its name if it exists.

The plugins need to implement an HTTP server and bind this to the UNIX socket or the address specified in the spec files. A handshake is send at /Plugin.Activate, and plugins are expected to return a Manifest with a list of of Docker subsystems which this plugin implements.

In order to use a plugins, you can use the “Get“ with the name of the plugin and the subsystem it implements.

plugin, err := plugins.Get("example", "VolumeDriver")
if err != nil {
	return fmt.Errorf("Error looking up volume plugin example: %v", err)

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