# whackanop

`whackanop` monitors mongodb for long-running operations, killing any that it finds.

## Motivation

See [this blog post](

Or this [StackExchange post](

## Usage

$ whackanop -h
Usage of whackanop:
  -debug=true: in debug mode, operations that match the query are logged instead of killed
  -interval=1: how often, in seconds, to poll mongo for operations
  -mongourl="mongodb://localhost?connect=direct": mongo url to connect to. Must specify connect=direct to guarantee admin commands are run on the specified server.
  -query="{\"op\": \"query\", \"secs_running\": {\"$gt\": 60}}": query sent to db.currentOp()
  -verbose=false: more verbose logging
  -version=false: print the version and exit

## Installation

Install from source via `go get`, or download a release on the [releases]( page.

## Local Development

Set this repository up in the [standard location]( in your `GOPATH`, i.e. `$GOPATH/src/`.
Once this is done, `make test` runs the tests.

The release process requires a cross-compilation toolchain.
[`gox`]( can install the toolchain with one command: `gox -build-toolchain`.
From there you can build release tarballs for different OS and architecture combinations with `make release`.

### Rolling an official release

Official releases are listed on the [releases]( page.
To create an official release:

1. On `master`, bump the version in the `VERSION` file in accordance with [semver](
You can do this with [`gitsem`](, but make sure not to create the tag, e.g. `gitsem -tag=false patch`.

2. Push the change to Github. Drone will automatically create a release for you.

## Vendoring

Please view the [dev-handbook for instructions](

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