Cloak AAC aka **Cloaka**

**Cloaka** is a Open Tibia Automatic Account Creator (**AAC**) made in **Go**


**Cloaka** comes with a very rich set of features

#### Performance

Cloak AAC has great performance even on [LUA]( pages

Its built using [Go]( using the core http package and [gorilla router]( code beeing compiled makes the AAC faster than the current AACs out there

#### Template system

Easy to use template system

> **How-to:**

>- You can configure what template to use on **config/config.cloaka** file
>- Create a folder on **views** with your template name
>- Template folder must contain a public folder and a pages folder
>- Put all your static files on the public folder
>- You can create html files on the pages folder and later access them at

**Templating supports LUA scripting!** [see for moar!](

#### Lua bindings

**Cloaka** supports LUA scripting for custom pages. [See more](

#### No Apache required

**Cloaka** doesnt need any of those programs (Xampp, UniServer, nginx...) it comes with its own http server

However I recommend to run Cloak AAC through [NGINX]( for maximum performance

#### How do I get it?!

**Cloaka** is not released yet. However you can **go build** the .go files and start using it now

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