# A Login Prototype with Go and Martini.
A toy app to learn Go web programming.
This handles a REST-api for which should be used for a client app that can login and logout etc.

## Dependencies
So far we have these dependencies that you can easily fetch with:
	go get

* [Martini](
* [PostgreSQL adapter](

You would have to have Go set up correctly ofcourse.

### Setting up Go for development
Follow these links for some pointers.


The installation path and the workspace is NOT the same!

### First time setup
Run the setup shell script inside the setup folder.

On OSX/Linux you would do something like:
sh setup/

This will generate necessary folders and files for the project.

Inside the file dbconfig.config put all your config
for your postgres db. It should follow this convention:
* host_ip
* port
* user
* password
* dbname
* sslmode

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