# ght2dm

`ght2dm` is a CLI tool for importing GHTorrent data into DevMine database.

**Important notice:** This is a specific tool for a specific need. It is not
meant to be generic or used to serve any other purpose than filling DevMine
database with GHTorrent dumps.

## Installation

go get -u

## Usage

*IMPORTANT:* Make sure to run the script `db/create_tmp_table.sql` before
running `ght2dm`. The latter assumes that this table is created and empty. Make
also sure to run the script `db/insert_from_tmp_tables.sql` after the execution
of `ght2dm`. Note that these two scripts are only useful when importing

`ght2dm` usage is pretty simple: it only requires to pass a configuration file
as argument:

ght2dm ght2dm.conf

Here is a configuration file example:

    "ghtorrent_folders": [
    "devmine_database": {
        "host": "localhost",
        "port": 5432,
        "user": "postgres",
        "password": "postgres",
        "database": "devmine",
        "ssl_mode": "disable"

The `bson` files must be organized as follow:

├── org_members
│   └── 2012-09-29.bson
├── repo_collaborators
│   └── 2012-09-29.bson
├── repos
│   └── 2012-09-29.bson
└── users
    └── 2012-09-29.bson

Where each folder must have the name of the corresponding GHTorrent entity.
The currently supported entities are:

* users
* org_members
* repos
* repo_collaborators

Each `bson` dump must be named according to its creation date and using the
format `yyyy-mm-dd`. Files that does not respect this convention are skipped.

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