My personal dual-language blog.

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## About me
My name is Ryan, I'm a software engineer, and over the next 6 months I'm relocating to live in Tokyo.
This blog will track my experiences throughout this period and beyond.
The aim is for the blog to be entirely dual-language, and I will make every effort to write every post in both English and Japanese

## About the blog
I'm writing the blog myself from the ground up.  The whole thing is open-source and available on [github](
Why am I doing this?

  - No existing blog platform does dual-language in exactly the way I want to.
  - I need practice using Javascript.  This is my first real project using it.
  - Because it's fun!

The back-end server is written in [go](  It uses the following open-source modules:

  - [russross/blackfriday]( - to render the articles from markdown.
  - [gorilla/websocket]( - to dynamically serve content via websockets.

The front-end is all html/javascript, using the following open-source libraries:

  - [jQuery]( - for easy cross-platform scripting.
  - [bootstrap]( - for easy responsive design and beautiful elements.
  - []( - for a fancy loading spinner whilst waiting for articles to load.
  - []( - for beautiful icons.

And the whole thing is hosted in [AWS](  Currently on a free t2.micro EC2 instance.

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