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What's a "kitemmuort"?

Italians may just skip to the next section; everybody else, I'll give you an 
explanation. _Kitemmuort_ is a curse, in neapolitan (a southern Italy dialect) 
that is very offensive towards religion and one's relatives (dead ones). It's an 
exclamation for moments when things don't go the way you want them to go or when 
you want to truly offend somebody. It has a version in every italian dialect 
(perhaps the most famous being "mortacci" in Rome's parlance) and I bet there's 
something similar in your language too. If there isn't (really?), consider 
kitemmuort to be like "fuck" or any other exclamation you give out of 
frustration or rage.

What does this do?

Have you ever wondered how many times you swear out of frustration or any other 
motivation? No? Well, I have. That's why I wrote this.

Kitemmuort-counter allows you to keep track of how many _kitemmuort_ you 
exclaim throughout your days. Just set the number each day and it will save it 
in a SQLite database along with the current date. You can also set/change the 
count for past (or future!) dates. It's really possible to exploit the counter 
in many ways but hey, it's just for fun, do you really want to use it in 
production? :)

Anyway, usage is:

	kitemmuort-count (-c|-s) [-d <date>]

			Show the kitemmuort count for a date (default is today)
			Set the amount of kitemmuort for a date (default is today)
			Operate (count/set) on a specific date instead than today
			Use YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2012-10-01)

Basically, use `-count` to see how many kitemmuorts you have exclaimed on a 
given date (or today if you haven't specified any). Use `-set` to set the count 
(who would have thought, eh?). Not specifying anything shows the count for 

That's it. Keep It Simple Stupid. If you want to contribuite/play with this, do 
send a pull request. Even just adding another item in the TODO list below. Or 

Installation & Requirements

Install the sqlite3 driver:

	go get

and you'll be all set. Of course you also need Go itself. Then `go build` or 
`go run` the program, as you prefer


* Generate a graphic from the data?
* Add a GUI?
* Make it more user-friendly for Windows. Does anybody care about it?




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