# Slick - A golang Slack bot

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## Configuration

* Install your Go environment, under Ubuntu, use this method:

* Set your `GOPATH`:

    On Ubuntu see [here](

* Install Ubuntu dependencies needed by various steps in this document:

    ```sudo apt-get install mercurial zip```

* Pull the bot and its dependencies:

    ```go get```

* Install rice:

    ```go get```

* Run "npm install":

   cd $GOPATH/src/
   npm install

* Run "npm run build":

   cd $GOPATH/src/
   npm run build

## Local build and install

* Copy the `slick.sample.conf` file to `$HOME/.slick` and tweak at will.

* Build with:

   cd $GOPATH/src/
   go build && ./example-bot

* Note: It is also possible to build your bot using the stable dependencies found
        within the Godeps directory. This can be done as follows:

        Install godep:

           go get

        Now build using the godep tool as follows:

           cd $GOPATH/src/
           godep go build && ./example-bot

* Inject static stuff (for the web app) in the binary with:

   cd $GOPATH/src/
   rice append --exec=../example-bot/example-bot

* Enjoy! You can deploy the binary and it has all the assets in itself now.

## Writing your own plugin

Take inspiration by looking at the different plugins, like `Funny`,
`Healthy`, `Storm`, `Deployer`, etc..  Don't forget to update your
bot's plugins list, like `example-bot/main.go`

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