# Simple deployment thingy written in Go

## Install
1. Clone this repo into your Go src
2. `go get`
3. `go build`
4. `go install`

## Usage
1. Create a deploy.yml file in your projects root directory (see config example)
2. Simply run `$ deploy` 

## Config example 

This is pretty straight forward. Including a `deploy.yml` file in your project root. Define an ssh server (this is your remote server). Include your host name (or IP), password and username.

Then include a path, this is where, on your remote server, your project lives.

Then finally an array of commands which will be ran on your remote server, within your project path.

  host: localhost
  password: Testing123
  user: root
path: "/var/www"
  - "git pull"
  - "phpunit"

## Setting up your server
First of all, you need to clone your git repo onto your remote server and ensure you've generated an SSH key pair etc. Finally, add your public key to your git repo.

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