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# PvPLeaderBoard Updater

Updates the World of Warcraft PvP leaderboard data consumed by [pvpleaderboard](

Use: run `pvpleaderboard` to update the `$DB_URL` database with the current data from Blizzard's [API](

* `-static` updates the achievement, class, faction, glyph, race, realm, specialization, and talent data
* `-base ARG` uses `ARG` as the base URI for Blizzard's API instead of the default (

Environment variables:
* `DB_URL` the URL of the [PostgreSQL] database to use (required)
* `BATTLE_NET_API_KEY` []( API key (required)
* `TEST_BASE_URI` the base URI of the API to use with tests (required to run tests)
* `MAX_PER_BRACKET` maximum number of players to retrieve per bracket (optional, will retrieve all players for each bracket if not set)

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