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`apheleia` is a reconfiguration utility for [nerve]( similar to Yelp's [nerve-tools]( `configure_nerve`, but with its data based in zookeeper and not on disk. The zookeeper data can be updated from YAML configuration files via the `apheleia` CLI tool. This is to reduce the unneeded complexity introduced by having to keep local files of the configuration around on every machine. Since zookeeper already contains critical data in most mesos deployments, there is little reason to not use it as storage for service declarations as well.

# Justification

Yelp's [nerve-tools `configure_nerve`]( works well for exposing *Marathon* services, but breaks down when you want to expose mesos tasks in a more generalized manner. Apheleia will be able to select tasks to expose from the mesos slave API via simple regex filters, rather than having to look explicitly for marathon services. This means that your service discovery mechanism is not so closely tied to the mesos framework that you choose, though it will require slightly more configuration on a per-service basis.

# Usage

apheleia [options] command [commandArgs...]

## Commands

The following commands are available to the apheleia CLI.

| Command | Description | Arguments |
| ------- | ----------- | --------- |
| `configureNerve` | Generates a nerve configuration file and restarts nerve (if the configuration changed) | None |
| `updateZk` | Updates zookeeper with the given YAML files describing services | list of yml service description files |

## Flags

The following flags may be used to configure apheleia.

| Flag | Example | Description |
| ---- | ------- | ----------- |
| `-zk hosts` | `-zk localhost:2181,otherHost:2181` | comma separated list of zookeeper hosts and ports |
| `-zkPath path` | `-zkPath /apheleia` | zookeeper path of the apheleia node |
| `-slave slaveURL` | `-slave http://localhost:5051` | base URL of the mesos slave API with which to communicate |
| `-nerveCfg nerveCfgFile` | `-nergeCfg /opt/smartstack/nerve/nerve.conf` | nerve configuration file to manage |

## Environment Variables

The following environment variables may be used to configure apheleia

| Variable | Description |
| -------- | ----------- |
| `APHELEIA_NERVE_RESTART_CMD` | bash command used to restart nerve after a configuration update |

## Examples

### Configure nerve (systemd)

The following example configures nerve running under systemd for an environment where zookeeper and the mesos slave api are running locally on standard ports

#!/usr/bin/env bash

export APHELEIA_NERVE_RESTART_CMD="systemctl restart nerve"
apheleia \
	-zk localhost:2181 \
	-zkPath /apheleia \
	-slave http://localhost:5051 \
	-nerveCfg /opt/smartstack/nerve/nerve.conf \

### Update zookeeper data from dir of yaml files

The following example updates zookeeper data for apheleia from yaml service definition files in the `./services` directory

Like the previous example, it assumes an environment where zookeeper is running locally on the standard port.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

service_files=$(find "$service_dir" -type f -name '*.yml')

apheleia \
	-zk localhost:2181 \
	-zkPath /apheleia \
	updateZk $service_files

# License

Licensed under GPLv3. See [`LICENSE`]( file.

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