# Restaurant Search #

This project is a prototype semantic search web application that I developed as part of my master's thesis at [Keio
University]( I presented the results of my research at [iiWAS
2015]( in Brussels, Belgium. My article, titled [Restaurant Search with
Predictive Multispace Queries]( was published in the in the [ACM International Conference Proceeding

You can get a better understanding of the goals of this experimental search system by referring to the [overview
presentation](; it provides a brief overview of the points covered in my article. Although I no longer make the
prototype accessible on the web, it is easy to get it up and running locally by following the instructions below.

<iframe width="800" height="500" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe>

## Dependencies ##

*   [Bower](
*   [Go](
*   [Node.js](

## Installation ##

1.  Install the search application:

    $ go get

2.  Install the client libraries (from the `search/static` directory):

    $ bower install

3.  Build and start the server (from the `search/cmd` directory):

    $ go build
    $ ./cmd

4.  Access the web application at `localhost:8080`.

## License ##


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