## What is WikidataQuiz?

WikidataQuiz is an interactive quiz game for exploring open knowledge sources from [Wikidata]( "Wikidata").
It was developed during the [Youth Science Hack Day 2014]( "Youth Science Hack Day 2014") in Berlin in the context of the [re:publica]( "re:publica") conference.

Two players control the game using a [Leap Motion Controller]( "Leap Motion Controller") which acts as buzzer and answer input.
A connected [Arduino]( "Arduino") with a LED stripe gives ambient visual feedback.
The provided questions and answers are generated using the [Wikidata]( "Wikidata") and [DBpedia]( "DBpedia") API.
There are currently 3 question categories available:

- FIFA World Cup winners
- Capitals
- Day of death of Nobel Prize winners

## Images

![WikidataQuiz1]( "WikidataQuiz1")

![WikidataQuiz2]( "WikidataQuiz2")

![WikidataQuiz3]( "WikidataQuiz3")

## How to get it running?
You need:

- [Go]( "Go")
- [Git]( "Git")
- [Mercurial]( "Mercurial")
- [Bazaar]( "Bazaar")
- An [Arduino]( "Arduino")
- A [Leap Motion Controller]( "Leap Motion Controller")

If everything is set up well, you just need to run `go get` and adjust the config.yaml.

## Developers
- [Frank Blechschmidt]( "Frank Blechschmidt")
- [Stephan Schultz]( "Stephan Schultz")
- [Jan-Peter Heuzeroth]( "Jan-Peter Heuzeroth")
- [Fredrik Teschke]( "Fredrik Teschke")
- [Tobias Rohloff]( "Tobias Rohloff")

## Used APIs
- [Wikidata]( "Wikidata")
- [Wikidata Query]( "Wikidata Query")
- [DBpedia SPARQL]( "DBpedia SPARQL")

## Used packages
- []( "")
- []( "")
- []( "")
- []( "")
- []( "")

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