Yet another incredibly boring dotfiles organizer. It will make symlinks from your dotfiles git repo to the relevant files in your filesystem.

It will search for a dfo.yaml file in your git repo to figure out what files it should copy. The file should look like this:
    # target: source
    .vimrc: vimrc
    .vim: vim
    .tmux.conf: tmux/tmux.conf

  go get

For setting things up initially, you usually just need to do something like:
  dfo -gitrepo=""

  Usage of dfo:
    -backup=false: Perform backups of files that are updated
    -gitrepo="": Remote git repo that holds your dotfiles
    -noop=false: Run in noop mode (just do a dry-run)
    -updategit=true: Do a 'git pull' and update submodules of the git repo
    -verbose=false: Verbose output
    -workdir="/home/fran/.dfo": Work directory for dfo (will be used to store backups and dotfiles git repo)
You can create a ~/.dfo/config.yaml file with the settings you want to set your defaults, like this:
noop: true
verbose: true

gitrepo only needs to be specified in the first run, when dfo will clone it. In subsequent runs, the existing repo (which is cloned at .dfo/dotfiles) will be used.

When replacing any files in your file system dfo will make a backup in a timestamped directory in its working directory. For example, if it replaces .vimrc it might appear here:

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