Package www - Deals with web front end

Web Front End

The Front End requests for
	* ajax and json
	* html pages
	* static stuff eg js
	* This is all dodgy and under testing

The handlers.go file spools out the main stuff atmo

As an initial naming convertion then ajax is:
- www.Ajax_foo where foo ==
- www.Ajax_foo_bar would be ==
- eg http.HandleFunc("/radio/callsign2words", www.Ajax_radio_callsign2words)

The www directory contains:
* ajax_handlers.go
	- for ajax related stuff, Urls such as
	- ajax is returned with Same-Origin-Policy disabled = everyone
	- Every ajax request returns {success: true} as extjs required this

* handlers.go
	- for the others stuff eg web pages

* /static/
	- for static stuff such at css and js
	- NOTE: This stuff does not all atmo

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