# MyOpenID 

A [Yohcop-Openid]( Nonce/Discovery storage replacement other than using the in memory storage that is default

# Installation

Download the package

`go get`

After package is downloaded, import it into your program by

`import ""`

# Usage
Then declare an `init` function and your 2 global variables in your package like so:

var discoveryCache *myopenid.MysqlDiscoveryCache
var nonceStore *myopenid.MysqlNonceStore

// Make sure you include the ?parseTime=true on the end of your connection.
func init() {
        discoveryCache, nonceStore = myopenid.DbConnection("[your connection string]/database?parseTime=true")

Simply just use your variables in the `openid.Verify` function as you would the normal ones that are provided. You will also need to setup 2 tables in your database you can either import the SQL from the provided file.

# Table

Required tables are dumped into the `myopenid.sql` file simply import it into your database or do it manually following the layout of the file provided.

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