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[![Twitter](]( out an open-source blogging platform written in Go. Try it out free for life at

This is being rewritten from scratch (new platform and new blogging engine) soon -- stay tuned!

GoBlog was our entry for the 2016 GopherGala. Try it out live at [](

GoBlog is a platform for easily deploying your own blog. Passwords are hashed with bcrypt. SSL/TLS via Let's Encrypt.

# Why GoBlog?

We provide a platform for bloggers to write freely from around the world. We provide each user with an unlimited number of blogs, unlimited page views and storage, premium DDOS protection, a CDN, and custom theme support. Our implementation of this platform is almost entirely in Go with server configuration handled by bash.

# Why Journey?

We chose Journey as our base because it is a powerful blogging engine fully compatible with Ghost [themes]( Transitioning over to it is easy.

# Our Team
[Faraz Fazli]( - Backend Go Developer

[Zain Hoda]( - Frontend Developer

[Anne Moroney]( - UX Developer

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