# Learn How to Develop Realtime Web Apps

**Get ahead** of the curve and learn how to make realtime apps now, using the following cool technologies:

[React]( - Facebook's Open-Source Javascript Library for building user interfaces

[Go]( - Googles New Open-Source programming language that's great for Realtime apps

[RethinkDB]( - A cool, new Open-Source database for the realtime web

#Feel free to contribute

![App look](

#Feature Suggestions

-Clientside Error Messages

-Editing/Deleting Messages

-Private Messaging

-Authentication with JWT's

#Install npm 

$ npm install --save-dev

#Install Babel CLI locally by running:

$ npm install --save-dev babel-cli

#Install and add webpack to the package.json with:

$ npm install webpack --save-dev


$ webpack-dev-server
Open ```http://localhost:8080/``` and try it(Just for the front-end).
Use ``` webpack-dev-server --port 3000 ``` cause RethinkDB takes the port ```:8080```

# RethinkDB

[Download RethinkDB now available for Windows too and write queries with REQL-RethinkDB Query Language](

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