# craigslist-parser

This parser is a simple project so my roommates and I could locate all the available housing in the area we were moving.  It scrapes the HTML and returns JSON at the server endpoint which a client can call. The goal was to create something in less than a day that could give us all the details we need at a moments notice.  It was not built with any other considerations.

<img src="imgs/results.png" width="500"/>

## Running locally

1. Get the repo.

go get

1. Run the application.

cd $GOPATH/src/
go run

1. Make a request

go run *
curl http://localhost:3000/rentals/{craigslist-location}

  Locations are available [At the Craigslist sites page](

## Running remotely

I'd recommend using app engine or supervisor to run this application.  Instructions for running a process with [supervisord can be found online](  If you're interested in a simple example of a frontend calling this service you can checkout [thecoloradomove](

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