# google-play-review-watcher

google-play-review-watcher is an incoming webhook that posts app reviews from the Google Play to Slack

inspired by [laouji/jordgubbe](

### Installation

1. `go get`

2. Create a SQLite database using `sqlite3 DB_NAME < ./schema.sql`

3. Copy `config_test.yml` and Add your webhook url, Google Play app id and the path to your database.

bot_name: "review_woman"
icon_emoji: ":ok_woman:"
message_text: "Google Play Review:"
web_hook_uri: "<SET YOUR SLACK WEB HOOK URL>"
app_id: "<SET YOUR Google Play App Id"
db_path: "/tmp/review_db"
review_count: 5

4. `go-google-play-review-watcher -c <EDIT CONFIG FILE PATH>`

5. Run periodically using cron or some other job scheduler

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