Package lorawan provides structures and tools to read and write LoraWAN messages from and to a slice of bytes.

The following structures are implemented (+ fields):

* PHYPayload    (MHDR | MACPayload | MIC)
* MACPayload    (FHDR | FPort | FRMPayload)
* FHDR          (DevAddr | FCtrl | FCnt | FOpts)

The Following message types (MType) are implemented:

* JoinRequest
* JoinAccept
* UnconfirmedDataUp
* UnconfirmedDataDown
* ConfirmedDataUp
* ConfirmedDataDown
* Proprietary

The following MAC commands (and their optional payloads) are implemented:

* LinkCheckReq
* LinkCheckAns
* LinkADRReq
* LinkADRAns
* DutyCycleReq
* DutyCycleAns
* RXParamSetupReq
* RXParamSetupAns
* DevStatusReq
* DevStatusAns
* NewChannelReq
* NewChannelAns
* RXTimingSetupReq
* RXTimingSetupAns
* Support for proprietary commands (0x80 - 0xFF) will be implemented in the
  future (mapping between CID and payload (size) is already done in a map
  called macPayloadRegistry)

Support for calculating and setting the MIC is done by calling SetMIC():

err := phyPayload.SetMIC(key)

Validating the MIC is done by calling ValidateMIC():

valid, err := phyPayload.ValidateMIC(key)

Encryption and decryption of the MACPayload (for join-accept) is done by calling EncryptMACPayload() and DecryptMACPayload(). Note that you need to call SetMIC BEFORE encryption.

err := phyPayload.EncryptMACPayload(key)
err := phyPayload.DecryptMACPayload(key)

Encryption and decryption of the FRMPayload is done by calling EncryptFRMPayload() and DecryptFRMPayload(). After encryption (and thus before decryption), the bytes are stored in the DataPayload struct.

err := macPayload.EncryptFRMPayload(key)
err := macPayload.DecryptFRMPayload(key)

All payloads implement the Payload interface. Based on the MIC value, you should be able to know to which type to cast the Payload value, so you will be able to access its fields.

See the examples section of the documentation for concrete usage examples of this package.

The protocol written by Semtech and used by many gateways for communication between the gateway and the server is implemented in the semtech sub-package.

When using this package, knowledge about the LoRaWAN specification is needed. You can download the LoRaWAN specification here:

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