# go-srvclient

A simple package for resolving SRV records being served by
[skydns](, according to the algorithm
set forth in that project's README. It simply takes in a hostname and does a SRV
request against it. It wil then look at all the returned entries and make a
weighted random choice of one of them, returning a string which is the
`"host:port"` of the picked entry.

Does not work on Windows.

## Install

    go get

## Example

package main

import ""

func main() {
	addr, err := srvclient.SRV("foo.skydns.local")
	if err != nil {

	log.Printf("%s was chosen!", addr)

## Binary client

This project also has an installable binary client which can be easily used. It
can be installed with:

    go get

And used like so:

    # srvclient

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