# warp messenger - server

**DISCLAIMER:** Work in progress! Please do not use this in production!

## Idea

Build an end-to-end encrypted messenger consisting of a server side and a native desktop client side ([warp](

## Setup

On server side you have to clone, build and configure the project.

Start with cloning and building:

$ git clone
$ cd warp-server
$ go build

Now generate the needed TLS certificates to let clients connect securely. If you plan to use self-signed certificates, the provided tool [generate-tls-cert]( might help you. Edit it to your needs.

$ mkdir private
$ chmod 0700 private
$ cd generate-tls-cert
$ go build generate-tls-cert.go
$ ./generate-tls-cert
$ cd ..


$ vim config.yaml
# Change the provided options to your suit your configuration.
# Especially specify needed TLS cert paths.

After this is done, you should be able to run the server:

$ ./warp-server

## License

This project is [licensed under GPLv3](

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