Command bounce is a simple HTTP reverse proxy. webmon is a simple website monitoring program.

It reads a JSON-formatted rule file like this:


{"Host": "", "Email": ""}


It periodically makes a GET request to If the request returns anything other than a 200 OK response, it sends an email to When the request starts returning 200 OK again, it sends another email.

If a "Hook" field is present in a rule object, it will be executed as a shell instruction on mail notification. For example, you might want to use this to kill a flaky service. (Gross, but it works.)

Usage of webmon:

-errors=3: number of errors before notifying
-from="webmon@localhost": notification from address
-hosts="": host definition file
-poll=10s: file poll interval
-smtp="localhost:25": SMTP server
-timeout=10s: response read timeout

webmon was written by Andrew Gerrand <>

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