===== Install =====

To install the example API please use the follow commands:

	cd static/
	bower install ng-admin --save

	go get
	go get
	go get

===== Run =====

Once you run the API with the following command:

	go run main.go // run on port 8080 at

You will be able now to check the admin endpoint at:

Or you can request the following end points:

	GET http://localhost:8080/api/:entity
	POST http://localhost:8080/api/:entity
	GET http://localhost:8080/api/:entity/:id
	PUT http://localhost:8080/api/:entity/:id
	DELETE http://localhost:8080/api/:entity/:id

Where the `entity` parameter is a reflection to the table name. Sample requests:

	GET /user #get all users
	GET /user/1 #get user with id 1

	GET /post/1 #get post with id 1

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