# Learn How to Develop Realtime Web Apps
This repo contains the source for the Golang server build for the following course on Building Realtime Web Apps with Reactjs, Golang & RethinkDB

This Course Teaches you everything you need to know to build Realtime Web Apps using React, Golang & RethinkDB.

#### Why you should take this course?

Software developers **will need to know** how to create Realtime apps in the **very near future**. It's the next wave in the webs evolution, in fact Realtime Apps/Features are already being created at companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google.

**Get ahead** of the curve and learn how to make realtime apps now, using the following cool technologies:

[React]( - Facebook's Open-Source Javascript Library for building user interfaces

[Go]( - Googles New Open-Source programming language that's great for Realtime apps

[RethinkDB]( - A cool, new Open-Source database for the realtime web

#### Why this course?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with new technologies? I think most of us do, there is so much change constantly happening and the pace of change seems to be increasing.

What can you do to manage the learning challenges facing software developers?

#### Lean learning

I don't want to waste your time, so you'll learn just what you need to know as quickly as possible. You'll start this course with the end in mind. What do I mean by that? We're going to be building a web application, and you'll learn just what you need to build the app.

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