TODO: * Document What you have learned * Allow for the rest of the shapefile types * Use file logger * Add Way list indicator slugs * Need to support Multiple Times * Query error should return proper exit code * STANDARDIZE Using query results. This is not DRY at ALL!

URL Examples: indicator data [host]/[slug]?time=<validtime>&geos=<id,id,id>&geom=t<optional_geojson-that will return the geometry>*

shpfiles [host]/shp/?geoms=1,3,4,5<ids> Arbitrary Geometry Id TODO: accomodate different types ( POINT, LINE )

shpfiles geoquery Ex: get geoms in a specific geom Ex: 419 where lev = 6 [host]shp/q/?geoms=419&lev=6&q=IN

get geographies by level [host]/geos/level/:slug Optional: ?filter=FUZZYMATCH via geokey

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