Dump a variable in JSON format like this (VarDict) {

name: "variable name",
type: "specific variable type - mostly user defined",
metatype: "type of type - map/slice/struct/ptr/int..."
address: "address of variable, available for slice/array/struct/map",
value: depending on type, could be a list/object with embeded variables:
	for a slice/array - a JSON list of VarDicts
	for a struct - a dict mapping from string (field name) to VarDicts
	for a map - a JSON list like [{key: key Vardict, value:value VarDict}]
	for a pointer - the VarDict of variable it points to
	for basic type - the value itself
	for a NULL pointer - "#NULL#"
	for a variable visited through another pointer - "#VISITED#"
	for a node too deeply recursed - "#DEPTH_EXCEEDED#""


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