# sssaas-golang
API Library for [SSSaaS](

    Copyright (C) 2015 Alexander Scheel, Joel May, Matthew Burket  
    See for a complete list of contributors.  
    Licensed under the MIT License.  

## Usage
Note: this is the API library; for an implementation of SSS in Go, look [here](

    sssaas.GetSecret(serveruris []string, tokens []string, secrets []string, timeout int) (string, error)
        - combines and retrieves secret from a collection of remote URIs

For more detailed documentation, check out docs/

## Contributing
We welcome pull requests, issues, security advice on this library, or other
contributions you feel are necessary. Feel free to open an issue to discuss
any questions you have about this library.

This is the reference implementation for all other SSSaaS projects.

For security issues, send a GPG-encrypted email to
<> with public key

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