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The db2struct package produces a usable golang struct from a given database table for use in a .go file.

By reading details from the database about the column structure, db2struct generates a go compatible struct type
with the required column names, data types, and annotations.

Generated datatypes include support for nullable columns [sql.NullX types]( or [guregu null.X types](
and the expected basic built in go types.

Db2Struct is based/inspired by the work of ChimeraCoder's gojson package

## Usage

go get
db2struct --host localhost -d test -t test_table --package myGoPackage --struct testTable -p --user testUser

## Example

MySQL table named users with four columns: id (int), user_name (varchar(255)), number_of_logins (int(11),nullable), and LAST_NAME (varchar(255), nullable)  

Example below uses guregu's null package, but without the option it procuded the sql.NullInt64 and so on.
db2struct --host localhost -d -t users --package example --struct user -p --user exampleUser --guregu --gorm


package example

type User struct {
  ID              int   `gorm:"column:id"`
  UserName        string `gorm:"column:user_name"`
  NumberOfLogins  null.Int `gorm:"column:number_of_logins"`
  LastName        null.String `gorm:"column:LAST_NAME"`

## Supported Databases

Currently Supported
- MariaDB

Planned Support
- PostgreSQL
- Oracle
- Microsoft SQL Server

### MariaDB/MySQL

Structures are created by querying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.Columns table and then formatting the types, column names,
and metadata to create a usable go compatible struct type.

#### Supported Datatypes

Currently only a limited number of MariaDB/MySQL datatypes are supported. Initial support includes:
-  tinyint (sql.NullInt64 or null.Int)
-  int      (sql.NullInt64 or null.Int)
-  bigint (sql.NullInt64 or null.Int)
-  decimal (sql.NullFloat64 or null.Float)
-  float (sql.NullFloat64 or null.Float)
-  double (sql.NullFloat64 or null.Float)
-  datetime (null.Time)
-  time  (null.Time)
-  date (null.Time)
-  timestamp (null.Time)

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