Message Notification Daemon

This is a desktop message notification daemon that can be left to run in the background to check multiple E-Mail accounts for new mail. POP3 is only supported for checking mail boxes and support for other protocols will be added in the future.

## Usage
Usage of mnd:
  -d="": The directory in which the database will be stored
  -f="": The configuration file in which the user settings are stored
  -g=false: Generate a configuration file
  -v=false: debugging/verbose information

You can use the -g flag to generate a sample configuration to stdout which can be redirected to a file (mnd -g > mnd.conf).
The configuration filename should be mnd.conf and follows the freedesktop spec for finding config files.

## Requirements

	- GNU/Linux only
	- Notification Daemon such as xfce4-notifyd

## Features

	- Supports multiple accounts
	- Supports custom notification icons.
	- Supports custom notification sounds. Use file:// prefix to specify the location of a sound file in the config


	- Support proxys
	- Support Pushover
	- Support custom sounds
	- Support playing sounds if notification daemon can not play them

## Screenshot

The look of notifications will differ depending on your current window and icon theme. If your notification daemon (such as xfce4-notifyd) supports playing sounds, it wil play the "mail-unread" sound which may differ depending on the current theme.


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