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[]( is a site to share tips for Vim. 

The first version of []( is written by Rails.

Now I re-designed this whole site and implemented it by Go & Martini web framework.

## Prerequisite

* Go environment is needed. 
* MongoDB is installed.

## Download the sample database

Download sample DB from: [](

## Restore it to MongoDB

* Unzip the database, the DB directory is: vim_tips
* Restore it to MongoDB

mongorestore -h localhost -u user -p pass -d vim_tips ./vim_tips

Note that username and password is the id and password for your MongoDB, for the default, -u & -p is not needed.

## Build it

* Get source code from Github:

git clone
* Go into the source code directory, get related library and then build it:

cd vim-tips-web
go get
go build

## Run it

* Run vim-tips-web site:
nohup ./vim-tips-web &

* Now, type [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) in web browser to visit the site.

## Screenshots






## Default username and password for admin panel

Use default username & password to logon admin panel:

* Username
* Password is:111

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