OpenTok3n is an open source platform for multi-factor authentication based on Tok3n Platform.

* [Go programming language][1].
* [Git][2] and [Mercurial][3] for the `go get` dependencies resolver. See more information [about the version control tools][7].
* A MySQL server and a new database.

1. Verify your Golang installation running `go`.
2. Create/Select a directory for the OpenTok3n installation and set up the $GOPATH in your bash profile running `echo "export GOPATH=$HOME/SelectedDirectory" >> $HOME/.bashrc`. For more information about choosing a GOPATH run `go help gopath`. Also see [this post][6] about choosing a bash profile file.
3. Install OpenTok3n running `go get` and then `go install`.
4. Verify the installation running `OpenTok3n`.

Create a ** account

1. Install [Tok3n][5] on your Android smartphone.
2. Create an account at [][4]. Scan the barcode with the Tok3n app to authenticate.
3. Click the "New integration" button and follow the steps.
4. Retrieve your API Keys.

There are three configuration methods:

* Perform an interactive configuration running `OpenTok3n` for the first time.
* Create an *opentok3n.config* file and provide the path to the folder where such file is located. `OpenTok3n --path /pathToConfigFolder`. Please note the file should be written in json format.

	"Inited": true,
	"Address": "",
	"Port": "63568",
	"DBAddress": "localhost",
	"DBPort": "3306",
	"DBUser": "root",
	"DBPassword": "yourDBpassword",
	"DBName": "opentok3n",
	"DBTablePrefix": "myintegration_",

* Provide the configuration parameters using the "--" syntax to the server at run. Learn more running `OpenTok3n --help`.

Further considerations

The default values for `Address` and `Port` are "localhost:63568".

You should manually set `Inited` as true until we fix the auto file loader.

You can also run `OpenTok3n --help` if you forget the installation arguments.


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