Package gobot provides a golang framework for bots running on the chat service.

Bots can have multiple Rooms, which can be added, removed, started, and stopped dynamically. The Handler interface allows the user to easily write their own code to extend the framework that can reply to incoming packets and also run in the background, with the ability to manipulate the room it is attached to.

A bolt database and a scope.Context are exposed by the room to be used as the user sees fit. The framework itself uses the Context but not the database. Therefore, one should be careful with scope.Context.Waitgroup() - do not Wait unless you are familiar with the internals of the package.

The bolt database provides a persistent key-value store on disk and the scope.Context provides an in-memory key-value store. The framework does not use either of these stores, so the user may use them without fear of collisions.

A small example of a handler is included in the handlers package. It simply replies to a message of "!ping" with "pong!". The program in the sample package uses this to create a simple, functioning bot with the framework.

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