# WallVote - Simple Online Realtime Collaboration Platform Example

This is created for demonstraration at Google I/O Extended - Yangon 2014 on 5th July.

This application shows how to use the
[router]( package,
[websocket]( package and
[jQuery]( to implement a simple online realtime collaboration platform, shared Wall for Voting.

## Main Idea

To create a paperless conference wall, accessible by everyone in the room on the same network to share and post their idea for voting.

## Running the example

The example requires a working Go development environment. The [Getting
Started]( page describes how to install the
development environment.

Once you have Go up and running, you can download, build and run the example
using the following commands.

    $ go get
    $ go get
    $ cd `go list -f '{{.Dir}}'`
    $ go run *.go

## Base Code

The implemention is the extension of the code given in this [Chat Example](

Imports 2 package(s) ΒΆ