#HelpTheSheriff webapp
Small and simple web application written in Go. Martini manages the routing, the frontend is made with Bootstrap and there's a MongoDB database behind the scene. It is deployed on Heroku.

I am sorry for this crappy name (fileserver), but it was a different app at the beginning, and I was too lazy to create a new one.

The organization of the frontend is a complete mess. This is something I will work on when I will have time. So, sorry for that.

## Prerequisites
If you want to modify it, these are the technical requirements:
* [Go latest version]( the backend is written in Go. I think it's compatible also with older versions, but there's no reason to not use the latest one.
* Install the dependencies not part of the standard library:
 * ""
 * ""
 * ""
 * ""
 * ""

## Install locally
* fork and clone this repository on your local machine

## Run locally
In order to run it locally you just need to have Go installed and configured ($GOPATH!!).
* *cd /fileserver*
* *go build hello.go*
* *./hello* : at this point you should be able to run this webapp locally at [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000).

## Deploy on Heroku
* Follow the official procedure [here]( It's easy as hell.

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