Package mgo offers a rich MongoDB driver for Go.

Details about the mgo project (pronounced as "mango") are found in its web page:

Usage of the driver revolves around the concept of sessions. To get started, obtain a session using the Dial function:

session, err := mgo.Dial(url)

This will establish one or more connections with the cluster of servers defined by the url parameter. From then on, the cluster may be queried with multiple consistency rules (see SetMode) and documents retrieved with statements such as:

c := session.DB(database).C(collection)
err := c.Find(query).One(&result)

New sessions are typically created by calling session.Copy on the initial session obtained at dial time. These new sessions will share the same cluster information and connection cache, and may be easily handed into other methods and functions for organizing logic. Every session created must have its Close method called at the end of its life time, so its resources may be put back in the pool or collected, depending on the case.

For more details, see the documentation for the types and methods.

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