# dns-notify

Small utility to easily send DNS NOTIFY requests.

## Install

First you have to [install and setup Go](

Then run

	go get

That should put the binary into $GOPATH/bin/dns-notify

## API

If started with the `-listen` parameter the program runs an HTTP server with an API
for sending notifies.

The path for the POST requests is`/api/v1/notify/`. The server will use the
servers specified on startup, but the domain is taken from the API request.

    curl -XPOST -s http://localhost:8765/api/v1/

The response is JSON and includes the result of each NOTIFY sent.

## Usage

### Send a notify mode
Specify the domain to notify with the -domain parameter and then the servers to notify.

    dns-notify [2001:1::2]:53

### Daemon mode

To start dns-notify in daemon mode, specify the `-listen` parameter
instead of `-domain`.

   dns-notify -listen=

### Optional parameters

* -verbose

A bit more verbose output.

* -quiet

Only output on errors.

* -timeout

How long to wait for responses, defaults to 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds).

## Error handling

Errors are reported, but requests are not retried.

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